Mixing, Conveying, Injection and Backfilling


UELZENER was founded in 1883 manufacturing tailor made machines. In 1953 Uelznerer began distributing plastering machines, mortar pumps and screed pumps as well as special machines for the mining industry and the refractory sector.
Uelzener trademarks PUTZKNECHT, ESTROMAT and UELMAT are known all over the world and stand for innovation, quality, reliability and high technical development.

Uelzener prides itself on a high degree of flexibility to adjust to customer's requests and fulfil them. More than forty-years of experience in mixing and conveying of mortar, plaster, screed and other compounds goes into the design and manufacture of each product, conforming with the specific requirements of the customer.

Unique designs, construction and many years experience of experience in manufacturing mortar processing machines are the guarantee of the UELZENER technology.