Spraying, Rendering & Flooring


Maltech was founded 30 years ago and is now one of the major producers of equipment for premixed plaster processing on the international scene.

Maltech machines excel with their high quality, innovative technology and modern design. Every single product is built to meet the highest standards in one of the most demanding sectors ever - building and construction. Maltech machines are extremely user friendly and are renowned for their long life. High quality for high expectations.

The benefits that Maltech equipment offer are:

   •  Compact, portable “all-in-one” equipment offers greater manoeuvrability and
      easier operation.
   •  Maltech’s 30 years of experience in the design and supply of equipment
      throughout Europe, leading to product reliability and extensive service and
      spare-part back up.
   •  Individual machines can easily be modified to optimum specifications for a
      variety of different applications providing versatility and greater productivity.
   •  Designed for a minimum of wearing parts to ensure low, ongoing maintenance
   •  Very economically priced and simple to maintain.
   •  Local back-up services available through Ostaline and network of nationwide
      resellers/repairmen including:
        -   Local spare part backup,
        -   Break-down services,
        -   Local repair service,
        -   Local warranty service.

For more information on Maltech products, see Literature Section

Mixy Single-Phase Flooring/Spraying Machine

M5 Evolution 3-phase Flooring/Spraying Machine

SuperMix Single/Three Phase Double Mixing/Pumping Machine

M35 Continuous mixer