Portable Rechargeable Lighting


BME Nitech Limited, a UK-based company established in 1981 have been designing, manufacturing a wide range of state-of-the-art portable lighting, batteries and power systems for over 30 years. BME Nitech products offer unrivalled performance and value for money, servicing a wide range of industries and perform in the most demanding environments.

Aurora and Guardian Rechargeable Floodlights

Professional, portable, economical, rechargeable Floodlighting for Heavy Duty Usage and for use in Hazardous Areas. New LED model offers up to 36 hours of Lighting between Charges. Offers a Low-Cost alternative to generator floodlighting.

Galaxy High Efficiency Lightheads

These powerful lightheads are manufactured from high pressure die-cast aluminium with polycarbonate lens. They use compact fluorescent tubes combined with an efficient ballast, reflector and lens system designed specifically to take account of this type of light source. By optimising the design of the lamp, the reflector and the ballast the efficiency can be as much as 10-15 times greater than a conventional halogen floodlight. Electricity costs are reduced and when generators are used these savings can be multiplied tenfold. The fluorescent lamps offer a colour temperature of 4000°K-4500°K which not only give excellent colour rendition but provide safer and less fatiguing working conditions.

HL-180 Zone 0 Flashlight

The HL-180 Zone 0 Flashlight is a battery powered, lightweight, handheld flashlight certified for safe operation within ATEX/IEC Ex
Zone 0, Zone I and Zone II potentially explosive atmospheres containing gas, vapour, mist and dust. Able to use within a T4 classification, the torch delivers a combination of spotlighting (for long distance illumination) and floodlighting (for short distance illumination).